Is MUTU System suitable after c-section or multiple births?

Yes, MUTU System is entirely suitable and beneficial for post c-section or multiple birth. Our program will help you to re-connect nerve pathways and regain sensitivity and tone around your scar site, by gently increasing circulation and movement to the traumatised area through specific abdominal exercise and massage. They will make your core stronger and more stable (i.e. so that your core supports your back properly and without pain) and restore tone and function to your stomach muscles.

The extent to which you can improve the excess skin often associated with multiple births, larger babies, extreme weight loss (inevitable when you have a baby!) and the ‘apron’ c-section scar site depends on many factors. Age, genetics and skin elasticity, nutrition, the extent of weight gain and loss, how many babies, how many surgeries… all of these will affect your body’s ability to heal and your stomach skin to firm up or ‘spring back’.

No exercise program can eliminate loose skin, but MUTU System will benefit the looks and function of your stomach significantly – in terms of muscle function, strength, stability and fat loss. Read more on Exercise After C-Section here.

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