Is MUTU System safe during pregnancy?

All elements of the core sections of MUTU System are safe and beneficial for a healthy, low risk pregnancy where exercise has been approved by your Doctor. By following the gentle stages of core exercises clearly instructed in the program, you will keep your core and pelvic floor supple and strong for pregnancy and minimise issues with weakness and lack of tone afterwards.

MUTU Food (the nutritional guidelines in the MUTU Program) is not a diet or restrictive eating plan. It advocates and guides you to shop for, prepare and eat, natural, real, unprocessed food, with an emphasis on maximising essential fats, cutting out refined sugars and processed foods and a high intake of chemical-free fresh produce. MUTU Food is an entirely safe, healthy and beneficial eating plan for pregnancy, that is family friendly and easy to follow.

All MUTU Intensive workouts are high intensity, but low or no impact, and may be safe for your healthy low risk pregnancy provided moderate exercise has been recommended and approved by your Doctor. Please work within your comfort zone and read the guidelines for safe exercise during pregnancy (link below) carefully before embarking on any exercise program. There is no need to progress to Phase 4 of the Core Exercise or to adhere to the 12 Module schedule – Phases 1-3 will be highly beneficial throughout your pregnancy, and you can save Phase 4 for your honed, postpartum stomach!

Please also be mindful of the  guidelines and contraindications for exercise during pregnancy here. 

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