Is MUTU an app?

Yes, MUTU System is an app. It's a web app (app just means "application").

That means it works great on your phone or tablet… or on your laptop, smart TV or any other streaming device! Use MUTU however works best for you. You don’t need to download anything extra from the app store – simply purchase your membership here and then follow the instructions to add the MUTU Mamas website to your device’s home screen. Check out our guide below.


Your 'web app' will need to be added to your device home screen via the Safari browser. Don't worry if you use Google Chrome or Google App, the instructions will direct you back to Safari really easily ;)


  • Open Safari and head to the membership site at
  • You will see this icon (the upload icon) at the bottom of your phone's screen 
  • Click on on it to see a new menu and scroll until you see "Add to Home Screen".  Tap that option. 
  • On the next page you will see the MUTU icon and title "MUTU Mamas" (you can edit the name at this step if you want to)
  • When you're done editing, click "Add" on your device's screen. An icon will then be added to your device's home screen enabling you to quickly and easily access MUTU Mamas.

Google App

  • Click on the upload icon on the menu bar at the bottom of your device's screen
  • A new menu pops up - go ahead and scroll down that window until you see "Open in Safari" and tap that option 
  • From there follow the steps for adding from Safari

Google Chrome

  • For Chrome users, please head back to Safari and follow the instructions as noted in above

Android Phone/Tablet

You web app will need to be added to your device home screen via Google Chrome 

  • From your browser, head to
  • A pop up appears "Add MUTU Mamas to Home Screen" - click on this. Tip: to make sure the pop up shows up, try clearing your cache before you go to 
  • On the next screen "Install app" click on "Install"
  • You will see the web app download onto your device desk top and when it's finished appear as a new icon on your device desk top.