What exercise kit will I need?

You will use a resistance band, a resistance band loop and a small inflatable ball throughout the MUTU program. A strong cotton strap is also helpful for those all important stretches at the end of your workout. 

To make life easy, we've put together a kit bag containing all of these items and you can get a great bundle saving on that by adding it to your cart when you purchase your program.

If you just want to purchase kit bag on it's own, you can do that right here MUTU Kit Bag

You'll also need a mat or somewhere comfortable to lie down, for the some of the exercises. Some cushions or rolled up blankets would also come in handy to get comfy in certain moves/stretches.

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What's my kit made of?

Latex resistance band and Latex resistance band loop 

Cotton Yoga strap 

PVC Pilates ball

NB: the discounted kit bag is only available as a bundle saving when purchased in the same transaction as the program.