Why is the app not a set of videos?

You might have noticed that our app, "A Million MUTU Mama Workouts" is quite large and uses up a fair bit of space on your chosen mobile device. 

That's because we have packed it full of endless workouts just for you!  If we were to include all the exercises as videos instead of images, the size of the app would be too large for almost any mobile and would seriously affect the performance of your device! 

If you need some extra guidance for any of the exercises, then please get in contact with us.  And don't forget that if you are an existing MUTU mama, Connect is also a great place to get advice - here you will find the experience of our MUTU Community Manager and MUTU Pros who can support you. You can access Connect via the menu on the left hand side of your welcome page when you log in.  

If you're not yet a MUTU Life member you can Go here to upgrade now!