Can I get MUTU in my country?

MUTU is an entirely online program – available for worldwide sale from this website and you get immediate online access. To get your program, head to this page of our website. MUTU System is not available on DVD. 

You will be sent a unique username and password to access our membership site at right after purchase. You’ll need internet access to watch them the first time, but then you can download and save them to your computer or device to watch anytime, offline. 

You follow a series of highly instructive coaching videos and workouts over 12 modules. The MUTU Program is available worldwide, online via our exclusive membership site at and for download to your laptop, tablet or mobile device.  

Materials include comprehensive video coaching,  real time workouts as well as full guidance on MUTU Food, Pregnancy, prolapse modifications and much more. 

Our videos are hosted on Vimeo and stream through your online MUTU Account. Vimeo is currently restricted in some parts of India, China and Indonesia which means you'll be unable to watch the videos.  If you cannot access Vimeo’s website it’s likely you are in a restricted area. We can suggest downloading the Chrome extension Hola which may allow you to bypass the restrictions in your area, but we cannot guarantee this will resolve the problem.

Please be aware that the only place you can purchase a genuine copy of the MUTU System program with all associated guarantees, support and community is from

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