Will MUTU completely heal my diastasis?

No exercise routine can or should guarantee to ‘treat’ or ‘fix’ every situation. In some situations of a severely compromised, stretched and weakened linea alba (the connective tissue between the 2 parts of muscle) surgery may be required for correct function and stability is to be restored. A bio-mechanical and ultrasound examination will be necessary to determine this and the decision should be based upon medical advice when the muscles have been unresponsive to a specific restorative exercise program.

A focused postpartum core restoration program will benefit your “abdominal muscles and pelvic floor greatly, even where surgery  is deemed necessary. Remember that diastasis recti is a result of inappropriate or ineffective loading on a compromised and weakened core, and of excessive intra abdominal pressure. The benefits of improving these issues with the right exercises, will be beneficial in all cases.

A small gap remaining is not significant provided the core has been strengthened and the mid-line is shallow and firm. Which it will be after MUTU! We focus on: Does your core work? Does your pelvic floor do its job? Is your stomach flatter and firmer and able to support your spine without pain or weakness? Do you look good, feel good and does it WORK? That’s more important than a finger measurement.  Read more on  Why the Gap Isn't Always the Problem, as well as recent academic research on closing the gap, when surgery is necessary and restoring function in this article.

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