I've had/considering abdominal surgery

Any abdominal surgery you have had or are considering, causes significant trauma, resulting in loss of sensitivity and necessitating healing. Whilst surgery can "fix", it does not restore strength or function. 

The MUTU Core ™ workouts are gentle and restorative, aiding circulation and healing, progressing to strengthening and improved tone and function and beneficial pre or post-surgery. 

Obviously, you should always follow your doctor's/surgeon's advice about when and how to exercise, before and after surgery. 

It is likely that they will recommend you avoid all intensive exercise. Should this be the case and they advise that you can begin MUTU, you should omit the intensive workouts and follow only the Core workouts, food guidance and breathing cues.

The gentle progression of core exercises, a daily walk and improvements in posture and core stability, will benefit your recovery and return to strength.